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Taking over [COTM - Tradigital] Taking over [COTM - Tradigital]

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First of all: i like the Idea. No artist truly works digital or traditional, most workflows nowadays contains at least some sketching or internet research and I like, how you conveyed this Idea by blending screen and desk...
And I like, how the colors drip out of the screen onto your paper.
BUT this is a critique so here are things, you can improve (And don't worry, that there are more negative points, that's just me, I am bad at telling people, why I like stuff and great at telling, why not. ^^);
-Composing: I am not good at this, myself, but I think, that there is a lack of a clear focal element. I think it's this strong, red blob, that draws a lot of attention from the less saturated tree and you might want to improve on that.
-compositing: The blending of digital drawings and the real elements couldt be improved...
-Contrast: crank it up a little bit :D
(And btw I had a kind of similar Idea ... you can check it out on my account, if you're intrested ... and i'm not telling you this, because I have a new account and in need to get scouted in time to be able to participate...wich is a really weird system)

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MikuYuuka responds:

Thank you so much! This is a great review! Very helpful.
I will definetly keep your advice in mind when doing the next drawing!
And yea I totally agree on the points you've made. They are very accurate ^^"
I will definetly check out yours right now! I haven't seen that may yet! It's so interesting to see how others interpretated the topic!
(And yes, weird weird system <w>)